IR Event at London – Changing Perspectives

Mr. Shantanu Mohan Puri, the Managing Partner of SMA Legal, is going to be in London from the 17th-27th of September during which he will be attending the event hosted by International Referral (IR), the world’s largest group of advisers featured exclusively by practice area expertise. The event is a platform offered by IR to its members to meet up and expand their networks with high level professionals around the world. During the event, Mr. Puri, who is the sole Banking and Finance member from India, is meeting individuals and firm representatives who do cross border work and have a keen interest in India. Mr. Puri’s reputation and interest in assisting the Indian Diaspora in the United Kingdom is well known. As part of this continuous process, Mr. Puri is also meeting industry representatives and lawyers from around the world who have clients in:

-Defence manufacturing

-Renewable energy

-Real estate

-Financial services (especially debt financing)


-Retail and Healthcare.

The event with the tagline “Changing perspectives”, is the IR’s take on a creative ‘street’ themeand intends to promote international collaboration and networking among the world’s leading professionals. The event will be held from 21st-23rd September at the Mayfair Hotel, London.