Arbitration And Conciliation

Royalty due to a European alcoholic beverages company were due for over 3 years by an Indian company. Through a process of well strategised moves and by selectively invoking legal provisions mandating International arbitration; within 9 months of first serving a notice on the Indian Company the entire amount was recovered through a process of negotiations.


Without resorting to invoking the jurisdiction of the Indian Court, SMA Legal was successful in recovering more than quarter of a million dollars from a reputed and well established Indian Travel Company which had defaulted on payment of money charged to Indian clients for overseas car rental. The entire recovery of dues was done within a period of 6 months.


A Swiss Television viewership rating company was entitled to royalty due to it by an Indian audience measurement company. The Indian company had claimed huge losses and refused to pay the Swiss company. Through mediation and negotiations, SMA Legal was successful in preparing a road map for the two sides to close this dispute. The matter was resolved eventually in a period of 8 months.



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